Lvx in Occident Meeting

Societas Rosicruciana In Canada

October 15, 2016  10:00 A.M.

Rosicrucian Order of the Freemasons

Cari Fraters:

I am directed by the Celebrant to summon you to  assist in the forming of the M….. C….. for the regular  convocation of the College, to be held on Saturday, April 16th, 2016  at  10:00 am at The New Saskatoon Masonic Temple, 1021 Saskatchewan Crescent West, Saskatoon, SK., Canada.


Cari Fraters:

As spring has arrived bringing new life to nature, we will observe Easter, that time in the Christian calendar when we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection, after his crucifixion on the cross. One of the essential qualifications for membership is that the Aspirant must adhere to the fundamental principles of the Trinitarian Christian Faith. Why is this?

In the course of his studies the Frater may be led to pursue certain branches of knowledge which are not for everyone, and his declaration gives prima facie evidence that be possesses the Faith, the understanding and the strength of character which will guide him through such difficulties as he may encounter, in his pursuit of knowledge. It also ensures a certain community of outlook and understanding among the members of the Society. The Christian character of the Society is also emphasized in the ceremony of Admission. This is not merely a formal introduction to the Society, but also an important indication of a line of conduct. The Aspirant is frequently reminded of his obligation as a Christian. Every Celebrant, before installation, has openly to promise that he will maintain the truly Christian character of our Society. Thus are placed continually before us the spiritual aspects inculcated in our aims.

In Light,
Lvx In Occident College

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