Transmutation: Alchemy v. Relativity, Physics and Quantum!

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The A-B-C’s of Lodge Renewal


“The problems facing the Fraternity in the decade ahead are much more related to the qualities of leadership, the absence of meaningful programs, the failure of Masonic education, and a failure of the Craft to connect in meaningful ways with the family and the community, than they are with adding more members.”

~ Bro. Brent Morris, The Siren Song of Solicitation

Much has been written and said about Masonic Renewal in North America. Many jurisdictions are implementing programs and urging their constituent lodges to embark on renewal programs.

“There is an urgent need for focusing on membership, making meetings interesting and good communication within the Lodges and the community… If we are to keep their attendance, we must convince them that we have something of value and interest for them.”

~ M. W.Bro. Bruce Porter Masonry in Manitoba, No., 1994

“Masonic Renewal then, as it is necessary and, as it is to be achieved, is from the `bottom-up’ – a grass roots effort to which every Brother can and must make a contribution.”

~ W.Bro. Juggi Uppal Grand Lodge of Alberta Bulletin February 1995

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