Past Papers Presented: 1961 – 1987

This list was prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Ontario College.

Oct 26 J. A. Evans: Dynamism of the Universe, Part 1

Mar 8 J. Campbell: Dynamism of the Universe, Part 2
Oct 28 C. Sankey: Interrelation of Science and the Arts

Apr 25 J. A. Evans: Symbolism

Oct 17 E. Munroe: Comparisons
Apr 23 E. Horwood: The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science

Apr 22 J. Campbell: The Elders
Oct 22 J. Traill: The Lodge in the Wilderness

Jan 20 M. van Wamelen: Freemasonry and Modern Science
Apr 21 J. A. Evans: The Sources of Masonry
Sept 29 W. Lindsay: Taoism and the Order of the Universe
Nov 24 R. Murray: Divine Expression in Wood

Apr 18 C. Sankey: Science and Scientists
Oct 19 M. van Wamelen: The New Man

Jan 20 E. Munroe: Perception
Apr 15 J. A. Evans: Rebis
Nov 14 E. Munroe: Further Notes on E.S.P., The Numinous

Feb 27 J. A. Evans: Conformity
May 23 J. Campbell: Student Unrest
Oct 13 J. A. EVANS: Revolt Against the Establishment, The Present Day Problem

Feb 18 M. van Wamelen: The Man of Tomorrow
Apr 29 J. Campbell: The Report on University Government, University of Toronto
Nov 18 R. Murray: Historical Toronto

Mar 21 J. A. Evans: The World Today
May 6 C. Sankey: Interrelation of the Arts and Science
Dec 1 M. van Wamelen: Will Freemasonry Survive?

Feb 15 J. Brown: Freemasonry – An Individual Objective
Apr22 A. Wozny: The Divine Names
Nov 15 J. Campbell: Rosicrucian Origins

Feb 15 J. Brown: Hermetic Philosophy
Apr 26 A. Wozny: Man – The Temple of the Living God
Nov 22 M. van Wamelen: Some Aspects of Philosophies of Ancient Freemasonry

Feb 21 J. Brown: Alchemy – Legends as to the Origin of This Brand of the Arts and Sciences
May 23 C. Sankey: Education
Oct 10 J. Campbell: What Is the SRICF?

Feb 19 E. Munroe: Imaginism
May 7 J. Brown: Darkness Visible
Oct 15 M. van Wamelen: Masonic Myth, Legend and History

Febr 18 C. Brodeur: The Concept of Healing in the Quimby Manuscripts
Mar 2 J. Brown: Contemplation
May 5 E. Munroe: Hermeticism and Contemporary Historical Notes

Apr 20 C. Brodeur: Word Hypnosis. The Power of Language
Oct 19 M. van Wamelen: From Energy to Masonic Light

Feb 15 J. Campbell: On the Nature of Energy
Apr 19 C. Sankey: God and Science, A Dozen Landmarks

Feb 23 R. Groshaw: Motivation
Apr 16 C. Brodeur: A Psychology of Consciousness
October 25 J. Campbell: Two Worlds

February 20 M. van Wamelen: In Defense of Science
April 16 E. Munroe: A Non-original Inquiry Into Origin
October 15 D. Scott: A Christian Looks at Masonry

February 18 C. Brodeur: Dimensions of Human Consciousness
April 15 A. Hamilton: Ethics For Community Survival
October 7 C. Sankey: Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation

February 17 M. van Wamelen: Homo Ludens
April 21 C. Brodeur: Why Meditate?
M. van Wamelen: The Early Rosicrucian Society in Canada
October 20 C. Campbell: Travel In Greece

February 16 M. van Wamelen: Dame Francis Yates, The Author of “The Rosicrucian Enlightenment”
April 20 D. Scott: Tomorrow’s Worker
October 19 C. Brodeur: Psychological Modeling: Developing Human Consciousness

February 15 J. Campbell: Hormones in Man
April 17 A. Hamilton: The Logic of Empire
October 17 M. van Wamelen: Some Thoughts On the “Objects of the Societas Rosicruciana”

February 20 D. Scott: War, Part I
April 17 J. Trotter: Understanding and Misunderstanding the Bible
October 16 C. Brodeur: The Rosicrucianism of Thomas Troward and His Influence on Twentieth
Century Psychology, Philosophy and Religion

February 19 M. van Wamelen: Masonic Reflections (Allusion and Illusion)
April 15 P. Thomas: The Fama Revisited
October 15 D. Scott: A Look at the Great Architecture of the Universe

February 18 M. van Wamelen: As a True Noachida
October 21 C. Brodeur: The Ontario College, S.R.I.C.F., 1937-1987
M. van Wamelen: R.W. Frater Dr. J. Campbell, Chief Adept of the Ontario College, S.R.I.C.F., 1967-1986

S.R.I.C. - Societas Rosicruciana in Canada